SPARK Educational Forum

List of forum main topics

  • SPARK introduction/ welcome seminar
  • Introduction to Drug Discovery
  • Development of Biological Products for Use in the Clinical
  • Intellectual Property and Working with Tech Transfer Office
  • Reproducibility of Research and Ethics
  • High Throughput Screening and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Lead Optimization and Pharmacophore Modelling
  • Clinical Trial Design
  • Selection of Animal Models
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Pharmacokinetics and Preclinical Pharmacology
  • Drug Repurposing
  • Market Analysis
  • How to Structure a VC Pitch
  • Legal Aspects of Founding and Venture Capital
  • Partnering and Funding
  • Value Assessment
  • Bootstrapping and Lean Approaches
  • Business Model Development
  • Women in Leadership

The SPARK Educational Forum is a monthly lecture series designed to teach academics the principles of drug development. The lectures are presented by experts on topics including intellectual property, regulatory considerations, medicinal chemistry, preclinical pharmacology, high through-put screening and clinical trial design.

The forum is open to the public. Our main audience is faculty and students of the Tel Aviv University and affiliated hospitals.

SPARK TEL-AVIV Education Meetings 2019-2020

Katzir Hall, Green Biotechnology Building Tel Aviv University, 16:00-18:00

December 2019

31.12.19  l SPARK opening event

Lecture by Dr. Moshe Tzvi Neuman, FDA’s Expedited and Special Development and Review Programs


January 2020

08.01.2020 l One-Pager: Market Assessment and path to commercialization

Lectures by Dr. Inbal Lansberg


February 2020

05.02.2020 l Biostatistics- Statistics considerations in clinical trial design

Lecture by Dr. Anat Sakov


March 2020

04.03.2020 l Discovery and application of off-label drug therapies

Lecture by Dr Moshe Rogosnitzky


April 2020

01.04.2020 l Let's talk Business


May 2020

13.05.2020 l From academic idea to commercialization through a patent

Lecture by Michal Milo (RAMOT TAU)


June 2020

09.06.2020 (tentative) l SPARK Annual Symposium


July 2020

08.07.2020 l SPARK summary of 2nd year